Blackhead Vacuum Suction Pore Vacuum Cleaner Facial Blackhead Acne Removal Tools 3 Colors Light Photon Rejuvenation Skin Care

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Blackhead Vacuum Suction Pore Vacuum Cleaner Facial Blackhead Acne Removal Tools

This product is a collection of beauty ,Tightening Skin ,clean pore ,removal the ance and the blackhead and any other functon of the beauty use the ” technologe of the vacuum suction lift v face '' to lift the skin masage, it can increase skin permeability,Promote skin's absorption of beauty fluids,Make skin more elastic and shiny,At the same time, the beauty light function of the instrument can also make the pores finer and the skin smoother.

Powerful Type:
1.Adopt Vacuum Suction Technology, keep constant pressure between 40-60KPA, different from others, our blackhead remover is safe, non-toxic and harmless to your skin.
2.Deeply and effectively clean blackhead, needless oil secretion and pore garbage, make your skin free breathe and health, massage and brighten your face, then reduce fine lines.
3.Suitable for all Types of Skins
4. 5 Strong Suction Levels and 5 Replaceable Suction Heads to remove the blackheads coarse pore, rough skin, dark skin, exfoliate dead skin and acne, and smooth your skin deeply and effectively.
5.Compared with previous Comedo Suction, This blackhead remover can stand in washing room, bedroom etc, it’s very convenient to place and storage; With display function, you can easily know the power of suction.
6.3 colors beauty lamp care:
Red light wavelength 620nm,Promotes collagen regeneration, tender skin, increases skin elasticity
Green light wavelength 530nm,Decomposition of melanin,make skin more brighter
Blue light wavelength 415nm,Sterilization and anti-inflammatory,Repair skin roughness ,damage and other problems
How to use:
STEP 1: Clean your face, use the blackhead educe liquid or facial steamer to open the pore.
STEP 2: According to your requirements, choose among the Five Level Suction. Start with the lowest.
STEP 3: Move the blackhead cleanser back and forth around the pore with a constant speed, slowly move, do not stay in one place for too long to avoid injury, and do not press it hardly or pull vertically.
STEP 4: After washing your face, please use ice towel or cold water or shrinking liquid to restore the treated pore.
Packing Included:
1 x Blackhead Remover
1 x Set of Probe
1 x USB Charge Cable
1 x Manual
✔ Please don't suction on the same area all the time, it will make the skin swell. If the skin swells, stop using immediately.
✔ Before using the product, use hot steamer or hot towel or blackhead remover gel/cream on your skin for 5 minutes to completely open your pores first to ensure the best performance of the product.

Standard Type:
Basic Type: without Filter

Brand Name


Power Source

Rechargeable Battery






Blackhead Remover

Model Number

Pore Vacuum Cleanser


Skin Tightening

Manufacturing Process

Machine Made

Item Name

Pore Vacuum Cleanser


Blackhead Removal


Vacuum Suction Tools


Face Clean Machine


Skin Care Tools


Beauty Device


Beauty & Health


Pore Blackhead Acne Removal




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68 reviews for Blackhead Vacuum Suction Pore Vacuum Cleaner Facial Blackhead Acne Removal Tools 3 Colors Light Photon Rejuvenation Skin Care

  1. M***z

    Fast delivery! The product works and does its function very well, the only thing to be careful about the bruises that are easily produced

  2. R***o

    Delivered in 5 days to rostov-on-don, the description corresponds

  3. V***s

    Excelent product and store. Product exactly as described. Product shipped quickly.

  4. I***a

    Delivery is very fast, courier directly home. The thing is cool, pores clean well. The store is responsible, all questions solve quickly, i recommend!!!

  5. I***v

    Great face cleaning thing! But be careful, start cleaning with steamed skin and only with 1 power level. Useful thing! I recommend! Great stuff for cleaning the face! But be careful, start cleaning with steamed skin and only with 1 power level. Useful thing! Recommend!

  6. P***e

    The product took about a month to arrive in chile. It’s a powerful device so i recommend not to leave it fixed in an area of the face, but d is to please it with delicacy or it can generate some irritations. Having 5 nozzles makes it easy to clean any area of the face. The lights turn on, but i don’t know if it will generate any benefit

  7. A***y

    Cleans, but not all of course. Although if you use it periodically, the effect may be cleaner. Be sure to steam well. And do not put the 5th speed at once, otherwise there will be a blue nose! Checked). The order came very quickly, the courier brought.

  8. S***g

    The product was unfortunately defective, it appeared to charge but would not switch on. I introduced my complaint and within the day the store got back, i provided video evidence that it was defective and got my money back. Although i was disappointed to get a defective product (which happens) i was extremely satisfied with their after sales service! I would definitely recommend them a trustworthy seller

  9. A***a

    Loved the product, infact it works! Very fast and skin oils left all! Adoreiii!!!

  10. S***n

    I drove 2 weeks to kiev. Perfectly cleanses the face. But you need to use carefully. Can leave bruises if you get itchy.

  11. W***l

    Excellent product, it really works!

  12. A***i

    good quality . recommended

  13. Customer

    The product reached my hand very quickly for a period of 13 days as well as received delivery a strong and beautiful device would thank the firm would be my choice again I would recommend.

  14. Y***n

    For the second time i order, first i took myself, and now i’m a friend. A good helper in the fight against clogged couples! Still like to do massage with the soft nozzle. In general, the device is cool and necessary, i recommend. And the delivery from this store is just super fast!) thank you!

  15. A***a

    Thank you for this product! Delivery is one of the fastest on aliexpress, just a little more than a week on the outskirts of the region. I came to the post office. The battery was already charged. Used several times and he did not sit down until now. Black dots really removes. It is desirable to steam the skin well and with an interval of half an hour to repeat three times, then the maximum effect is achieved. If overzealous, the skin may blush. The rest of the thing is useful and there are no complaints.

  16. Customer

    Haven’t used

  17. J***z

    Product arrived fast, well packed. Tested and works very well. Complies with the promised.

  18. O***a

    I’m lazy to write, in short, sucks well, delivery without a courier, came in 11 days, until i charged, packing fire

  19. T***a

    For your money, the thing is super. Well, the second speed pulls at all on hurray! I have problem skin. Pores are clogged. Cleaned well. It is necessary to steam the skin first. Who writes that nothing pulls-go forest. On wet skin and be neat, otherwise bruises can be left. Delivery to krasnodar region 5 days!

  20. M***y

    good but useless thing

  21. M***k

    Delivery is very fast 10 days, the device works, very satisfied with the purchase, the description is accurate, the store definitely recommend. In terms of efficiency, i will add feedback after use.

  22. R***a

    amazing, work perfect. all is ok, great item and great store, fast shipping. I am very happy.

  23. E***a

    General fire

  24. S***S

    Was packed in a puffy. The product corresponds to the description, quite powerful. Fast shipping. Thanks to the store!)))

  25. J***S

    All as in the description. It came in about three weeks. The whole box is a bit of mint, but not stupid. Everything turns on, everything works. As i test, i will add a tip.

  26. K***s

    Works very very Well, thank you!!

  27. Customer

    Very good product and works well, it’s just value pores and machine linpia everything.

  28. P***f

    Very good very fast delivery to peru thanks.

  29. A***n

    Product lights ושווה

  30. Customer


  31. D***O

    Delivered as described.

  32. A***a

    Product exact to description the product for now does its function later i will leave more comments.

  33. E***y

    Good but caused some bruises

  34. S***c

    The product is on time. It matches the description.

  35. A***a

    Very fast delivery. Well packed. Everything is working.

  36. A***a

    Everything came safely to the apartment. In the case has not yet tried because the device is discharged. Add review how to test

  37. G***o

    I get right and it works super

  38. B***a

    Works well only need to perform liquid moves because otherwise powstaną bruises

  39. J***a

    Delivery 2-3 weeks. Very well pulls!

  40. Customer

    Everything came quickly. It matches the description. Quality is good.

  41. M***h

    The parcel came well packed in 13 days. The device was in the factory packaging, sealed with film, no one before me opened it. Inside the box was the device itself, four nozzles + fifth on the device itself, a micro usb cable, an instruction in english. The device is in working order. I haven’t tried the case yet. Thanks to the store.

  42. S***

    Fast shipping packing in sturdy well was four. Buy more, are hesitate to click to buy. Seller monk construction approval. Thank you very much.

  43. A***a

    Delivery is fast, everything corresponds to the description. Thank you. Recommend to buy

  44. Customer

    Everything is ok, everything works, i recommend))

  45. M***t

    Delivery to the belgorod region about two weeks, bought for 787 rubles, charged, six nozzles, suction impressive (checked on the finger)) on the face to check until there is a possibility, (face first need to steam) sucks not constantly with respite, so that the skin does not tighten

  46. I***i

    Thank you very much) it came on time, packing 5 + everything works perfectly went to try

  47. V***d

    Very good

  48. J***o

    Delivery to 42 region from moscow 3 weeks. For a very long time, parcels came from china faster. There are no complaints about the product. It came neatly packed. 5 nozzles + charging cord + foam inserts.

  49. S***r


  50. A***n

    Super satisfied with the producer, all in order, i highly recommend it arrive sooner than expected

  51. P***p

    Actually works great. Heavy suction.

  52. G***n

    Ordered on Sunday, received on Thursday, I live in Moscow, asked for goods from the Russian Federation and therefore my new toy domachala to me very quickly. Brought the courier, straight to the apartment, very nice. Already tried, in principle the functional performs its own, sucks as it should, but whether I do not have such clogged pores, or whether the face was not enough steamed, the result is, but modest (according to my calculations). In principle, I’m happy, I recommend, I think it’s the right thing, not each of us can allow a regular hike to the beautician, but here once broke and even more norms)) The model chose the first one, the store offered it (either because it is more expensive, or really better, I do not recognize it anymore)).

  53. P***a

    I loved

  54. M***a

    Everything works

  55. M***a

    I ordered from China the cheapest ($12,46) device from this series. Came for 19 days in Novosibirsk. Well tracked on the track. The device works fine if you first steam the skin. The nozzle with a large hole very strongly sucks, on the chin left a bruise. I liked the nozzle with a silver tip in use-it stretches the dirt well from the pores and does not leave bruises. Small nozzles are useless.

  56. M***a

    Very good thing! Suction Super already at 2 speeds, at 3 did not even try yet. Use on wet steamed skin! All the mud got in. 5 speeds, three backlight options, have not yet realized whether they affect the skin. You can not include them. 5 nozzles, a cable for recharging from yusb is attached. In the application of a very simple thing, I figured out without instructions. When received, put on charging, while the red light is on it charges, when the green-charged, it is very happy that it is shown by light and do not need to guess how charged it is. Delivery was chosen by IML express-everything is clear, brought by courier, from me no additional payments, everything is only here on the site. In advance they sent SMS with confirmation and data of my order. Thanks to manufacturer and delivery service!

  57. J***e

    The order was delayed to arrive in Chile a month and a half, as shown in the description

  58. E***n

    good product

  59. C***a

    Such as description fast shipping recommended at 100

  60. M***S

    Amazing! The quality is 100%

  61. E***a

    The order was satisfied!

  62. S***z

    Great product is the second I ask. Super fast delivery in 1 week I was home. Thank you very much great store

  63. Customer

    Can’t send to Japan. The store correspondence was good!

  64. O***a

    Delivery 7 weeks (Long wandered around Russia). The box is naturally mint, T. K. Just lying in a bag. But the rest of the purchase is happy. Works well.

  65. B***r

    It costs me a little because I feel like I can hurt the skin if it’s a long time

  66. L***a

    Chefou very fast!

  67. S***z

    Fast shipment

  68. T***s

    It came quickly, packed perfectly, it remains to try

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