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Item 1: Electric face massager of Skin Care Tools(STD Version)

The high-frequency vibration of 6000 times per minute effectively introduces facial nutrients and cleanses the skin deeply.

High-frequency vibration can speed up the blood circulation of the face, bring more nutrition, remove blood garbage from the face, and effectively improve the activity of the skin.

Multi-directional massage promotes blood circulation on the face. It can make cosmetics and nutrient solution efficiently absorbed, and it is an essential tool for facial makeup.

The whole body can be washed, and the operation is simple and convenient.

The design is very small and easy to carry. You can take out work anytime, anywhere, simple and convenient.

Item 2: Electric Jade face massager of Skin Care Tools

1). Gold-Roller;
2). Rose Gold-Roller;
3). Silver-Roller;

Note: Due to international shipping restrictions, our products are not equipped with batteries.

The high-frequency vibration of 6000 times per minute effectively introduces facial nutrients and cleanses the skin deeply.

High-frequency vibration can speed up the blood circulation of the face, bring more nutrition, remove blood garbage from the face, and effectively improve the activity of the skin.

Natural jade makes skin-friendly contact. It is softer and more natural when cleaning the skin.

Unique industrial design, it can clean every inch of skin on the face without dead angles in 360 degrees. More efficient, faster and safer!

Item 3: Product Features of Remover(USB Charging)

How it works: Why can it clean up blackheads, acne and oil on the face and nose?

This remover can produce a negative pressure of up to 70kpa. Under this negative pressure, this remover can effectively remove blackheads, acne and oil on the face / nose.

Why do we have to design 5 Different Suctions Force?

The blackhead remover needs to be used in different application scenarios. Different application scenarios require different suction sizes.
i). Blackhead removing;
Ii). Firming Skin;
Iii).Oil absorption;
Iv). Decontamination;
v). Skin Massage
Vi). Improve Keratin
This professional version has 5 suction sizes, which is enough to cover all your application scenarios.

What is different from traditional blackhead Removing?

We use Disrroot Cyclone technology to create just the right amount of airflow through precision-calculated cylinders, creating centrifugal forces that separate the blackheads from the skin, removing blackheads without harming the skin.

The motor is the heart of the product. We upgrade the product motor, the product is more attractive and more powerful.

Max 7.0 KPA Strong suction, direct contact with the depth of the skin, effectively absorb blackheads, stains, oily, and make the skin cleaner;

6 different blackhead tips, operate on different skins & levels, more effectively remove different skin blackheads, oil stains, cuticles and acne, etc

Product Parameters of Professional Version(USB Charging)

📢Product Name: Professional USB Rechargeable Blackhead Remover
📢Working Voltage: 3.7V
📢Rated power: 3W
📢Endurance: 1.5 hours
📢Suction Control: 6 Controllable Suction Force
📢Maximum suction: 70kpa
📢Product size: 180X50X50MM
📢color: White

Item 3: 2-in-1 skin moisture tester &Water replenishing instrument

Do you want to know your skin condition?
Do you want to know if the skin care products you bought have any effect?
Use a skin moisture tester to know your skin condition.

Note: The default is White. If you need Pink, please note when ordering.

This Water replenishing instrument can hold 38ML of water for a full day.

Item 4: 10000 times / minute frequency electric cleanser

Everyday working life, our face, nose, and eyes are full of dust, bacteria and oil stains, and we need to clean it regularly every day. You need such an electric cleaner, which is automatic, efficient and easy to operate.

When is it used? (restrictions on international shipping, we do not configure batteries)

1. Clean the face;
2. Introduce cosmetics and skin care products to make the skin absorb faster;

Product parameters:
📢Product name: 10000 times / minute high frequency electric cleaner
📢Material: Food Grade Silicone
📢Vibration frequency: 10000 times / minute
📢Product size: 145X39X31MM
📢Power: AA batteries (restrictions on international shipping, we do not configure batteries)

How does it work?

It is made of edible-grade silicone, which is hygienic and soft. It can generate a vibration frequency of 10,000 times / minute, which can break down various oil stains, dust, and cuticles to achieve the purpose of cleaning the face.

IPX7 waterproof, bath and shower can be used, operation is more convenient.


1. What kind of express delivery do you send?
We will choose different couriers according to your time requirements. Of course, different time and speed are related to the cost. Therefore, you need to pay attention to your choice of courier when placing an order.

2. When are you shipping?
We have a stocking period, and this stocking period will have a certain time. When we ship, we will send you a text message at AliExpress. So please pay attention to your SMS in the AliExpress background. If you have any questions, please contact us.

3. What should I do if I want to return?
If you need to return the product due to the quality of the product or other problems, please contact us in the AliExpress background. We will confirm your situation and give you different treatment options depending on the situation. Please rest assured that we will handle any of your problems responsibly.

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Face Washing Brush

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Machine Made


Hot & Cold Massager

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face massager Skin Care Tools

78 reviews for Facial Massage Jade Roller Face Lift

  1. Customer

    I brought this for my son who has been struggling with black heads and acne for years now and I have had trouble finding something for them. So we gave this a try and he seems to really like it he used it after washing his face good and then use this and the suction was great just had to remind him not to keep it in the same place to long. Much less painful than trying to squeeze out blackheads.

  2. Customer

    I love many things about this product.The design of the vacuum is sleek and beautiful, its very user friendly as well. I have used the vacuum nightly to help rid my face of excess oils and blackheads, it helps a lot! I highly recommend this product, it works great!

  3. Customer

    I have never used a product like this before and I was skeptical of it. However, upon its arrival, it came charged and ready to use! The instruction pamphlet that came along with it provided very logical instructions on how to use and clean the machine. It is important to note that you should definitely take a nice steamy shower before using it so that the stubborn blackheads would be easier to remove. The suction has 3 levels of suctioning power that you can adjust depending on your needs. The various suction heads are quite useful for what needs you have. I’m quite happy with this product! Thanks!

  4. Customer

    It works very well! Here is a before and after of the less severe side of my face. The other side had an active blemish on it and bled a lot and bruised worse. My chin also bruised badly as well. Just be sure you work quickly, even if you’re scared. I’m excited to see how well it continues to work.

  5. J***c

    Troche Sie Balam whether power bedzie suitable or not for Slaba, but is perfect. Dziala all smooth

  6. Customer

    Okay so I bought this and I was expecting the worst. To my dismay I was totally wrong! It was already charged and ready to go. I should say that before I did this I placed a hot towel on my face for about 5 minutes. Anyway, I don’t know how anyone could use this on any setting other then the first because the suction is very strong! Not unbearable but perfect!! I did my nose and chin and the junk that came out was SO gross! I didn’t use on my entire face because I don’t see the point in it other then my problem areas. Anyway… I love this product and want to purchase one for my son as well. Or maybe for anyone I know lol. If you are on the fence about this like I was just DO IT!! My skin is also so soft after use. Absolutely loooooove this product!

  7. Customer

    I love using this it’s really good, it took out so many white heads and black heads out the first use! (It was too gross to post a photo ) what I did was use a hot towel on my face for 5-10 minutes to open my pores and that’s when I get better results ! My nose is looking way better not ! It’s way better than the masks I will use !!! Try this !! Don’t leave it on just one spot move it around slowly I do it down my nose and move my way up and wow so much comes out !! I recommend this !!!

  8. Customer

    This device works great! I have used it several times on my T Zone and have noticed a great improvement and decongestion of my pores. I also appreciate the several different sized heads, as it helps me achieve better results depending on where I am using the device. You can also choose what level of suction you want, which makes it easier on my sensitive skin. Great Product!

  9. Customer

    I was skeptical this product would really work, but boy was I wrong! I’ve struggled with acne my entire life and wish I would have found this sooner. The amount of oil/debris I got out of my pores in my T-zone was incredible. I immediately noticed smaller pores and felt like my skin was smoother. Do make sure you move the device relatively quickly across your face or you will get suction bruises! Great quality .

  10. Customer

    I just got this today as I’m writing this. Used it before I took a shower 30 minutes ago and it worked magnificent!! I can feel and tell the difference and honestly I thought this was going to be another trash product that I was going to try for my acne that I’ve had since freshman year in high school! And I’m 19 years old now and I’m telling ALL THE MOMS AND PARENTS that you absolutely have to get this for your kids if they have acne because I think it’s perfect and I’ve only used it one time!! AMAZING product and I would recommend this over anything else! 20 out of 10 in my book!

  11. Customer

    I was really skeptical about this because I’ve seen the ad on facebook a million times. Thought it was just a run for money like usual. But I was wrong!!! I used this as soon as it came in the mail. I took a shower to open up my pores and then did what the instructions said, and oh my goodness!! The crap that came out of my nose was insane. I’ve always had a huge problem with blackheads, especially on my nose!!!! My nose has never felt smoother and I can already see the difference in the color of my pores. My husband used it as well and it actually bruised his nose slightly and not “a lot” came out, but I think that’s only because he didn’t steam his face long enough to open his pores. I definitely recommend taking a shower first before using. I highly recommend this product for blackheads. As far as acne goes… I have a lot of open acne sores and it kind of hurts to go over them, so I’m not too sure how well it works for acne itself. But for the nose, it’s really good!

  12. Customer

    I love this product It really works Ive always thought I cleaned my face properly For the most part I have a really good skin .after using this product my skin felt so soft I had a glow .. I do recommend buying a face streamer .. it will open ur pores and the suction works better

  13. Customer

    The blackhead remover vacuum arrived beautifully packaged in a nice box with the 5 extra attachment heads presented along with the usb charging cable. It powered up immediately of the box to my surprise so I was able to use it right away. Being slightly nervous about the suction power I tried It first on the back of my head to see what it felt like. It was very easy to use and after one swipe on the hand I was ready to begin. Following the instructions included made the process simple and without complications. I chose a middle setting because the higher levels seems a little too strong for my skin. When I was done I removed the head and rinsed it under the sink to clean it and let it air dry for the next use. Very useful tool to have and will get a lot of use.

  14. Customer

    You don’t realize how much oil accumulation your nose has or even your face. I’ve been meaning to get something like this because I usually push my two thumbs/fingers etc. together to force whiteheads out of my nose with a combination of a tweezer. This just does it a lot more elegantly with probably lesser skin damage. This comes charged, but it may not be a bad idea to charge it up some more. It warms up quick and you get a few modules to utilize for slightly different purposes. The top heads are very easy to put on and off, and are interchangeable. The packaging is nice and the instruction manual is actually detailed. The product itself is pretty self explanatory but for ~$10, it definitely does the job of removing blackheads, whiteheads. Your skin will get warm pretty quick so just make sure to keep that in mind when you use the item.

  15. S***i

    Product a good lesson for that much time to reach

  16. H***a


  17. M***s

    At first use, it doesnt seem like anything is coming out but keep working your pores by moving this gently over the area. Be warned, it does really pull the skin as you try to pull away. Then have a look at the collection tip and be amazed by the puss and blackheads which have accumulated. I scared my husband by using it on him with too much excitement! His nose was covered in blackheads (like usual) and I had a field day sucking them all out. The amount of gunk that came out made me feel a mix of disgust and awe. He didn’t find it painful and had temporary redness in only some areas. I also used on his back but had a harder time getting some of the hard plugs out. I find the tips easy to replace and find the medium sized best for my purposes. The small one made it much too difficult to pull off my skin and the large doeant target deep blackheads as well. I haven’t used it for acne yet. Works best for the nose I’d say…especially in the corners where it’s hard to reach otherwise.

  18. Customer

    This is my first blackhead remover. I looked for one and didn’t believe in the result. It gave it a try. I think I got what I looked for. Acne and blackhead is my number one problem. The remover did a perfect job by removing most of my blackheads. There are five levels of suction. I tried all of them. Personally, I liked the most powerful level but be careful because the suction is very strong. I ended up having some dark spots on my skin. That was my fault because I kept the remover in one place for a long time on a strongest power level. So, I advice not to repeat my mistake. Other than that this is a nice device for removing blackheads from your face and body.

  19. Customer

    The skin tester is great and I really like it. . I can quickly learn if the cosmetics are effective. It can also be used to hydrate, so I can protect my skin at the office. awesome.

  20. Customer

    This blackhead remover is definitely worth the money! It’s easy to use, and seeing your blackheads being sucked up is so rewarding! I use this mostly on and around my nose area! It’s a neat little gadget to have when wanting a clean, feel finish on your face!

  21. Customer

    I tried this right after i got it, there is a guide on how to properly use it and that made it a lot easier to use. I was amazed on how easy this product removed the annoying blackhead on my nose that ive been trying to remove with a porestrip.

  22. Customer

    I can’t say enough good things about this product. I will start by saying it is super cool to see everything that came out of your skin when you are done. I love the different color light settings and how it comes with multiple heads for different parts of your face. I have used this so many times and it has really made a difference. I would definitely recommend this product, it’s amazing.

  23. A***i

    exactly as described

  24. K***n

    This is my best purchase at AliExpress. BLACKHEAD REMOVER is very beautiful and has 5 different suction ranges. This is suitable for different purposes such as sucking blackheads, massaging my face and cleaning my face. The hydration device is also very beautiful, and finally found such a good product. Very satisfied.

  25. S***r

    Received the vacuum today to my home in the US. I ordered on December 5th and today is December 19th – super fast. I have not tried it yet, but looking forward to using it. It was packaged well to prevent breakage, though the postal service still managed to mangle the box… hopefully it still works.

  26. Customer

    suction force is very big.. i like the gift too. thanks store….

  27. Customer

    It works. It came very fast.

  28. Customer

    Everything ok. Good product, fast shipping, honest store.

  29. D***v

    Ordered 12.19, received 12.30 – amazing!

  30. S***m

    I’m very satisfied

  31. Y***u

    Not tried but looks ok for now

  32. M***a

    did not try so far

  33. H***a

    Very fast shipment, well packed. Thank you.

  34. Customer

    Arrived late product is very good though.

  35. M***a

    Everything works, delivery is very fast, one week

  36. M***s

    Sister is here to talk about my experience, 1. The advantage of blackhead remover is that there are 5 different suction powers. The more gears, the better the personalization. 2. To achieve the best effect of blackhead removing, apply a hot towel before use. The effect will be good. 3. I travel a lot, and I have a lot of dust and oil stains every day. There are 6 different tips, I can suck different positions on the face and nose. not bad. The hydration device is very portable. I put it in my bag every day and take it out whenever I can. Very practical. Overall, this is a must-have product for women. Very practical. I have bought many kinds of products in this shop, and they are all very good. I highly recommend their products.

  37. A***s

    product arrived damaged not working contacted store but still not got message back yet! charger part is all broken so it will not charge properly. contact seller and sent pictures and video but still not messaged back yet.

  38. S***a

    It arrived a few days late. Package looks abused, but inside everything’s intact. Needs 2xAA batteries that aren’t included in the parcell, you have to buy them by yourself. Haven’t tried it yet but it has a powerful suction if you put the nozzle right on your skin.

  39. Customer

    I absolutely love love love this product I have horrible blackheads in my nose and this did the trick ! It does take a little getting use to because it does pull hard and sometimes hurt but it’s amazing and I highly recommend it !! My nose has improved like 100%. I may have been doing it to much I just got to excited seeing how much stuff it was pulling out!!!!

  40. Customer

    I wash my face twice a day, this made me feel like I hadn’t in a week. It works very well on the lowest setting. Follow the instructions! It says take a hot shower or steam your face before using. You want to soften your skin/open pores. Did it right out of shower, it pulled so much out of the area around my nose. At first I thought it might be just dead skin cells but you can see the white heads. I’m very fair skin, I did get a little red but nothing terrible went away in a few min and the oval attachment it a little rough on the skin but the others a fine. Make sure your skin is moist, use continuous movement and a little pressure.

  41. Customer

    Was fascinated!!!! Earlier I lastimaba much with my nails and did not know how to remove the dirt of my nose and when supe of this product was really shocked, is very good suck nicely ALL the dots and fat off face. Recommend

  42. Customer

    It really does the job. I unclog the pores with rinsing with hot water and then use it for around 10 min on my face. Makes my skin really smooth with less pores and blackheads. It sometimes makes face red if you apply too harshly. Overall I recommend the product for blackheads.

  43. Customer

    FANTASTIC . Got so much of my blackheads out of my nose. Only thing is that if you do it yourself then you bruise easily . BUT if you have someone do it for you then you wont bruise.

  44. Customer

    The vacuum cleaner definitely pulls dead skin nearly every use. Use this with a facial steamer would help exfoliate your skin. It would not completely pull out comedones but use a pore strip after would pull it out.

  45. U***r

    First, I wanted to say how pleased I am with how quickly this shipped. Now to the product. This is AMAZING! I have very oily skin and tend to get blackheads pretty easily, regardless of how often I wash my face. Before I used this, I placed a hot wet washcloth over my face for a bout a minute or two to open up my pores. I used this on the 1st + 2nd setting because I wanted to start out slow. I made sure to use in an upward motion (helps with sagging skin) + I am SO impressed with the amount of blackheads it removed. So much better than my ‘strips.’I didn’t experience any bruising at all. A little puffiness, but I put a cool washrag on my face afterwards and made sure to moisturize and the puffiness went right down. I’ve seen these in stores for up to $100. This is SUCH a great deal! I highly recommend this!

  46. Customer

    I was very pleasantly surprised by this product! I read the directions carefully before I started. They were clear and easy to understand. When it tells you to use warm washcloth first to open pores, that’s is a very important step, do not skip it! Also, as stated in the directions, don’t linger on one area for more than three seconds because it will leave a red mark. I think as I’ve used it again, I have learned opening the pores helps greatly and reduces the amount of time you feel like you need to spend in one area, hence lessening the risk of overly red marks. Seeing what gets sucked out really opened her eyes on how to better care for her skin.

  47. Customer

    Wow, you can actually see the gunk that comes out of your pores. Worked great, no bruising for me.

  48. Customer

    Put a hot towel on my face for one minute, then used this vacuum. It works so well! I have extremely oily skin and it got out all my blackheads within minutes. Very pleased especially for the price!

  49. Customer

    I am very happy to make a correct decision to buy this blackhead remover/pore vacuum cleaner. It is above my expectation. Compared with traditional blackhead products, such as blackhead remover mask, facial cleaning brush, this great blackhead vacuum is more convenient, faster and more effective.It is easily to use. I usually use it every other day to clean my facial T zone, after shower or hot towel on my face for 5 mins to open the pores. Move the tool back and forth gently to suck out blackheads, Whiteheads,acne, and dead skins. Do not stay in one place for too long to prevent skin becoming red. No more than 3 seconds After use, the skin is a bit red. I then use a cold mask for cooling down and minimizing pores. Now I feel my T zone area is much cleaner and smoother than before. Will keep using

  50. Customer

    The suction power works great. There are 5 different settings for skin thickness and 6 different types of suction heads for different areas of the face. I accidentally used the strongest suction for the top of my nose by my eye where the skin is thin and have a hickey now. The suction was on stuck on for a second. I also used a mask to tighten my pores afterwards. You can see all of the gunk sucked out of your pores in the suction heads.

  51. Customer

    My blackheads are pretty stubborn so this doesn’t suck them right out like a lot of video reviews show. However, this is great for cleaning away dead skin. I like to use this after a hot shower once a week or so and it removes any dry/dead very quickly. Lowest power works great for me and the redness from the suction goes away within 30 minutes.

  52. M***y

    So I’ve been seeing these lately as an alternative to pore strips, which I’ve used and find mostly useless. I tried this device when I first got it and found it to be totally ineffective. My fiancé suggested using a hot wet towel to open my pores first. When I tried that, I had lots of success. See photos. The vacuum part is totally great and really really delivers as promised. Get a towel. Soak it in super hot water and hold it over your nose. You’ll be much cleaner and a little grossed out by your nose.

  53. V***d

    In general, I recommend this product and the store.

  54. Customer


  55. Customer

    Product complies with the description ordered the 13 December arrived on 13 January, work well the co well sealed and protected. NN is powerful but better, so you avoid the bruising on face.

  56. I***a

    Came tudinho packed. Will only tests.

  57. Customer

    I had another nose pore machine in the past and spent around $50 on it. It didn’t suck anything out and basic was junk. I came across this brand . This little device has 5 settings and wow all I can say is, ITS STRONG. I only use level 2 at most. I would suggest moving pretty fast with this or it’ll bruise you up. I like that the device gets plugged in to get charged so you don’t have to worry about digging around for batteries. Also, it comes with a few different head attachments. Would definitely recommend this product but make sure you don’t put it in one spot too long.

  58. M***m

    Very quickly reached in 2,5 weeks. Satisfied with the quality. I tried, a good thing

  59. K***y

    Alright so from the picture that’s after 1 use. As you can see I have a TON of black heads and huge pores, I’ve had an issue with these for as long as I can remember. Now my skin is sensitive as it is so with the suction you can see it’s kinda pink/red but this is also my first time using this type of thing so I kinda went overboard lol. ANYWAY, I will keep using it, I like it so far, cleaned up the pores better than any cream I’ve used and trust me I’ve used a lot of products already.

  60. Customer

    thanks I receive my package

  61. Customer


  62. Customer

    I’ve been using this product for a few days now as a better source of cleaning my skin because I am a bad picker. It does great at sucking out that icky stuff in my skin. Great buy!

  63. D***a

    A good machine, but you can not count on a strong effect

  64. A***d

    Really Works

  65. F***h


  66. V***y


  67. G***h

    Despite took bastant and to get the product is very good, really works, still not tested all your options, but really liked the product until now.

  68. M***l

    Super, really cleanses!!!! Enough that I have thick skin and I need longer hold in one place, these 4-5 seconds. Now facial cleansing is a pleasure and does not hurt, especially sides nose. Recommend

  69. P***a

    Velký Tah, rychlá doprava

  70. A***n

    Just like the pictures. In Minsk came in three weeks, but for a very long time our mail did not want to sort parcels. Everything is packed well, the boxes are a little wrinkled, but this did not affect the product. In action has not tried yet, it is charged easily from any yusb. In the brush for washing is an ordinary boy battery. While everything is very like, I recommend.

  71. M***o


  72. L***

    Very good product. Fast shipping

  73. C***e


  74. I***k

    Very helpful store. 5 stars. Definitely recommended

  75. K***y

    This blackhead remover has been working very well for me so far! I had a bad breakout a couple of days ago. After using this product just a couple of times so far, my face has been clearing up quickly! I have always had a problem with large pores with whiteheads, so I’m excited to continue using this product and see the results!

  76. Customer

    I have very stubborn black heads, usually strips will let me down. Only using it once on the 3rd setting, it took so many out with no discomfort! I still have a few I need to work on, but I think this product rocks, and I’m excited to use the other heads soon.

  77. Customer

    I arrive in about a month

  78. C***r

    Adjustable suction, which is very good o!, packaging in good condition.

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