Nano Mist Sprayer

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100% new high quality

It can be used to keep the face, body, antistatic and moisturizing.

The liquid in the water tank becomes a nano-level mist that is more easily absorbed by the skin.

Ultra-high frequency electric nano spray can deeply moisturize the active ingredients of tiny nanoparticles.

Compact design makes it easy to carry
How to use:
1. Charging the machine for the first time: When charging, you can see the red light at the water inlet. When charging is complete, the light is off. (Charging time is about 2 hours)

2. Add water: Take out the water tank, add the right amount of water from the water inlet, then turn the machine upside down and tighten the water tank.

3. Hydration and humidification: Hold the handle of the machine and slide the slide down. At this point, there will be strong light at the entrance, and after 60 seconds the spray will stop automatically and the light will go out.


Please use mineral water instead of distilled or purified water. Too small a water density during spraying can cause water droplets to occasionally freeze on the surface of the machine. This is normal. This is not a machine leak. It can be replaced by another water quality.

Other moisture such as toners and emulsions can easily clog the spray port and cannot be used.

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